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Lifts to every floor

Accessibility played a crucial role during Logomo’s design phase. Every floor can be accessed by a lift and the number of doorway thresholds has been kept minimal. Unfortunately, despite the accessibility elsewhere, we were, however, unable to provide wheelchair seating in section ´B´ of LOGOMO Hall. As it was impossible to integrate such seating in the mobile section of the auditorium, we ensured that wheelchair seating was included in the higher section ´C´, which is accessible by lift. This seating area also provides excellent visibility to the stage.

Hearing accessibility has been ensured through the use of portable loop systems. At the coat check counter, you can request to borrow a wireless receiver and induction loop that is designed to work together with your hearing aid.

Frequently asked questions

Are personal assistants to those in wheelchairs permitted to attend events free of charge or is this determined by the individual event organiser?
It is determined by the event organiser. Logomo and Lippupiste encourage event organisers to follow the general guidelines, which grant free admission to assistants. Generally, assistants have been given free access to Logomo events. We recommend that you verify this when buying a ticket. If the assistant is required to purchase a ticket, it must be purchased from Lippupiste’s phone service or sales offices.

Does Logomo provide induction loops for those who are hard of hearing?
Logomo provides portable loop systems for those who are hard of hearing. The devices can be borrowed from the coat check. The systems consist of portable receivers, which fit in a pocket, and a loop that hangs around the user’s neck. The loop system works the same way as a built-in hearing aid and, therefore, your personal hearing aid has to be switched to the ´T´ position (telecoil) when using the loop.

Where are the disabled parking spaces? Are they near the main entrance?
The disabled parking spaces are located near the LOGI Hall entrance and at one end of Logomo Kitchen.

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Where are the accessible toilets located in Logomo?
All toilet facilities in Logomo are equipped with separate accessible toilets. You can find them by following the WC signs.

Where is the wheelchair seating in LOGOMO Hall?
The wheelchair section is located in the eighth row of section ´C´, on the 3rd floor of LOGOMO Hall. The section can be reached step-free from the foyer by using a lift. There may be a wheelchair section reserved on the floor at the front of the Hall, if the individual event allows for such as arrangement. Seats for wheelchair users and their assistants can be booked through Lippupiste sales offices or phone service. If the lift cannot be used during an emergency situation, Logomo’s security personnel will escort the wheelchair users to the top of the staircase to be met by Emergency Services personnel, who will carry the customers to safety.

How is step-free access arranged in Logomo?
With the exception of Logomo Hall’s section ‘B’, step-free access has been arranged for wheelchair users throughout the entire building.