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Venue information provides you with a comprehensive description of Logomo’s facilities and related practical matters.

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General terms & conditions of Logomo Oy.

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Logomo’s technical solutions represent the latest in the field and are always dimensioned to suit the individual needs of the event in question. This comprehensive service is possible thanks to the Bright Finland rental company, based in Logomo, which provides top-quality and well-maintained equipment that is guaranteed to fulfil each customer’s vision for their event.

Customers are, however, free to bring their own equipment. Logomo’s halls provide great rigging possibilities and sufficient electrical solutions, and easy delivery access makes is it easy for you to bring your own gear. It is, however, important to note that rigging for equipment must be ordered in advance, as installments are always done by Logomo personnel.

Standard meeting room and conference technology can generally be arranged with our own equipment. The sound system in Logomo Hall has been carefully designed. The speaker system created by Meyer Sound provides amazing sound quality that can be enjoyed from the very last row in the hall.

The acoustics in Logomo Hall are unique in Finland. The reverberation time is very short, less than a second, which makes it ideal for listening to electrically-produced sound, both speech and music. The resonant cacophony that is often typical for large concert halls is not a problem in Logomo Hall, regardless of whether there are 400 or 3,500 listeners. This makes for a pleasant atmosphere for the audience and many dinner guests have expressed their gratitude in terms of how easy it was for them to hold a conversation during the event without having to shout at one another.

But what about music that requires a longer reverberation time? Not to worry, there’s a solution for that too. There are around 100 microphones and 300 speakers hidden inside the walls and ceiling of Logomo Hall, which trick you into thinking you’re in other types of locations, from a chamber music hall to a cathedral. It’s not usual for the acoustics in a concert hall to be able to be altered without making radical changes to the walls and ceiling. It’s hard to believe it’s possible, until you experience it yourself. The best description of this ‘virtual acoustics’ was provided by a music critic who praised two very different concerts using the same sentence: “This orchestra was well-suited to the acoustics of Logomo Hall.” The truth of the matter was quite the opposite – the acoustics complemented the orchestras, which is proof that these acoustics can truly be tuned to fit your specific event in Logomo Hall.

More detailed information about the technical aspects, dimensions, load tolerance and other specifics concerning our venue spaces can be found from the document links on this page.

Bright Finland Group Oy provides the successful technical solutions used in Logomo’s venues.