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Building, operations and values

Logomo today:

  • Total area of 25,000 m2
  • 10,000 m2 of long-term rental space
  • 15 short-term rental spaces of different sizes
  • 400 people working at around 90 companies located in Logomo Byrå and Konttori
  • 700 m2 of studio space for artists
  • more than 1300 events (in 2019)
  • 377,000 visitors (in 2019)

Logomo as a hub for creative industries

Logomo is a centre for culture, arts and creative economy operating from the defunct locomotive workshop near the main railway station and close to Turku city centre. In addition to concerts, it´s the ideal venue for meetings, seminars, congresses, fairs, exhibitions, film screenings and private events. In 2019, there were nearly 1,300 different events held at Logomo and the number of visitors reached 377 000. More than 400 people work for the many companies (approx. 90) located in Logomo Byrå and Konttori. Logomo also accommodates several artists’ studios.

Ownership and Administration

Logomo Oy is owned by Sunborn Events. The owners use their vote in the Board of Directors as well as in Annual General Meetings.

The Board of Directors of Logomo Oy is in charge of the company strategy and operational guidance and support.

Logomo Oy Board of Directors

The next Board of Directors will be chosen in March.

Logomo Tapahtumatilat Oy

Leevi Luoto

Board members
Pauliina Ahlas
Riikka Kuusniemi
Niina Stade


As a centre for creative industries, Logomo administers and leases rental spaces for long-term or short-term use. Logomo provides modern, versatile and flexible space solutions for different event productions and a range of support services provided by Logomo partners.

Long-term rental premises

There are approximately 10,000 square metres of long-term rental space in Logomo. The adaptable space solutions are the result of open-minded architectural and design choices that also respect the industrial heritage of the original machine workshop. The long-term rental space in Logomo also includes around 700 square metres intended for artists to use as studio space. Suomen Taiteilijaseuran Ateljeesäätiö oversees the leasing and managing the studios.

Short-term rental space

There are 15 short-term rental spaces in Logomo that can be utilised to hold events, such as concerts, meetings, seminars, congresses, fairs, film screenings, exhibitions and weddings.

The heart of the building, LOGOMO Hall, was intended to accommodate large concerts, theatre performances, and communal and corporate events. Thanks to unique air cushion technology that moves the rear section of stands, the auditorium can be expanded from an audience capacity of 760 to 3,500 people. The Hall´s superior technology also enables the auditorium to transform from a theatre to a concert hall.

The main foyer consists of over 2,000 square metres of multifunctional exhibition space. The exhibition space is primarily leased for short-term use, but can also be transformed into a public exhibition area for a longer period.

The short-term lease operations are supplemented by five smaller rooms. They have the ability to serve as independent meeting or seminar spaces or can be used as support areas in connection with conferences and events. The rooms can also be leased to host private events.

Logomo GOTO meeting rooms can accommodate 15-50 people.  All four meeting rooms are equipped with modern technology.

Policy & value proposition

Logomo is a dynamic concert, conference and event venue with both local and national significance. Its diverse range of events and services attract visitors who value high-quality culture and entertainment.

Logomo’s unique concept draws attention to creative industries and showcases Finnish design and expertise. The aim was to create a space where local residents feel instantly at home, while providing them with a place to work, eat, see films, and attend concerts, art exhibitions and private events.

The economic influence Logomo has on the creative economy in Turku and its surrounding areas is considerable. In the spring of 2015, Logomo Byrå was joined Konttori, a second office zone at the opposite end of the Logomo building. With this addition, Logomo now has 9,000 square metres of office space utilized by 80–90 companies that employ a total of more than 400 people.

Logomo’s Value Proposition

Uniting different cultures and skills in an innovative and motivating environment generates new, interesting ideas and memorable encounters.

Ideas should not be confined and guarded; they should be able to converge, collide and extend beyond conceptual hurdles. Good ideas complement one another.

We encourage talented people to believe in their vision and in working to enhance it. We seek to inspire others to endeavour, to err, to break down conventions and to reinvent.