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Stands and seating

Versatile seating arrangements

Logomo has various venues, which have either fixed stands for seating or the possibility to arrange seating to suit the occasion. The largest hall in Logomo, Logomo Hall, allows for different seating configurations. Teatro Hall has partly raised stands for seating and KINO Hall has fixed stands. The other halls have their seating areas built for the occasion, often on a level floor space.

Logomo Hall adaptable auditorium

The magnificent Logomo Hall is the largest venue in Logomo. Thanks to its unique adjustable rear seating section, which can be moved using air cushion technology, the hall can be modified to suit events of different sizes and configurations. The acoustics in the hall are unique within the Nordic countries, and the high ceiling and foyer area make it ideal for concerts, meetings and television broadcasts.

Logomo Hall´s auditorium is uniquely flexible. The size of the hall can be adjusted by dividing the seating area into three sections. This creates seating for 750 to 3,500 people, depending on the needs of the particular event.

The seating plan for each event is available on the Lippupiste website. Go to the chosen event time and click on ´Valitse paikkasi itse´ (choose your seat). This opens up the seating plan and allows you to select your seat of choice.

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Teatro Hall has a partly modifiable seating area. One section of the stands can be removed so that nearly the entire floor of the hall is level. When the stands are in place, the hall resembles a theatre with 300–350 seats in the main section ‘B’ and around 50 on the balcony, section ‘C’.

Both auditoriums have step-free access. The lift runs from the back of section ‘B’ up to section ‘C’. The majority of the wheelchair seats are located at the back of section ‘B’.

MOVE and KINO Halls

MOVE Hall is a multifunctional space. It has no fixed stands but is set up according to your specific needs. For this reason, the seating for the room usually consists of chairs specially arranged on the hall floor. The hall seats around 150 people.

KINO Hall has fixed stands that provide seating for 126 people. It´s equipped as a cinema for both digital and 35mm-film screenings. The space also works perfectly for seminars.

TEATRO Gallery

TEATRO Gallery has no fixed seating, instead, it’s tailored to your needs. Most often, the seating consists of chairs set out on the floor space. The gallery provides seating for an audience of 50–150 people.


Logi Hall has no fixed stands but is, instead, tailored to your specific needs. For this reason, the seating for the room usually consists of chairs specially arranged on the hall floor. The hall seats an audience of approximately 300 people.


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