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For the media

Material for editorial use


Logomo’s logo is black and white. Primarily, the logo is shown as white text on a black base.

The reverse is also allowed. The visibility of the logo should be ensured by selecting the appropriate logo with consideration for the background on which it is used.

The white-based version of the logo should be used on dark backgrounds and the black-based version on light backgrounds.


Photographs and other material

Photographs are intended for the use of the press and our partners. The use of photographs is unrestricted for editorial purposes on one condition: the source, Logomo, must be clearly mentioned in connection with the material. If you are unsure, please enquire about the right to use a specific image from us at

High resolution images are available from

Media accreditation

Event organisers are in charge of media accreditation. Members of the press are asked to contact event organisers directly. Contact details can be found in connection with the information for the individual events.

Taking photographs at Logomo events

As a general rule, SLR cameras are not permitted at any events without a press pass or a separately granted waiver. Audio or video recordings at events are also forbidden. If you would like to take photographs at a concert/event, you must contact the organiser directly to arrange a permit. Logomo will not hand out permits on behalf of the organiser.

Taking photographs for personal use is generally allowed, but not with SLR cameras, unless separately mentioned. Please note that some artists demand a strict ban on photography during their performance. In these cases, the issue is specifically mentioned in connection with the event. Flash photography is always strictly forbidden. Please respect the privacy of other visitors when taking photographs.